Double Happiness Cake

My friend, Dorina, owner of Oro Bakery and Bar in New York City sent me this photo of her latest creation this morning. The "double happiness" theme "wowed" me so much that I had to share it.

'The bride wanted something simple and elegant, but also something that would stand out in the beautiful backdrop of party's venue, The Loeb Boathouse, as well as pay tribute to the famillies' Chinese traditions.

Beautiful inside and out, the cake is vanilla paired with a fresh raspberry buttercream to match tastes and decor: The couple doesn't like chocolate, the groom likes fruit flavors.  The flowers were pink and cream. Unlike some other multi-tiered cakes, all the layers are true delicious cake, and took some engineering to make sure it wasn't
going to go "Pisa."'

And having personally tasted Oro's cakes, I can say that they not only look good, they really taste good too!! Contact them for your next event!