Will they make it?

I've seen many wedding websites over the years and have read many "about the couple" bios as well. But none really made me laugh and smile until I read Li Na and Michael's on their website. Here it is for you to enjoy with their permission:

Michael  is a corporate attorney.
Li Na is a corporate auditor.
Michael is from the small town of Clark, New Jersey, while Li Na was born and raised in a city with a
    population of 12 million people - Beijing, a.k.a. Peking, China.
Michael has an older brother while Li Na is a spoiled only child.
Michael is an avid reader and Li Na is a world traveler.
Michael is a thinker.  Li Na is a talker.
Michael encourages Li Na to speak perfect English, but Li Na reminds Michael that he, himself, is  
     unable to speak a single word in Mandarin.
Michael is a Rutgers Scarlet Knights fan, while Li Na cheers on the Penn State Nittany Lions.
Michael barely tolerated his three years at Georgetown Law School. Li Na enjoyed her two years of
     business school at the "Happy Valley", Pennsylvania.
Michael has conservative political views, and is trying to influence Li Na on the many reasons she
     should prefer elephants and not donkeys here in America.
Michael likes Bob Dylan.  Li Na likes show music and opera.
Michael likes tea. Li Na likes root beer floats.
Michael likes science fiction. Li Na likes romantic novels and movies.
Do you think there is any hope for this marriage? :-P