Three New Birth Announcement Designs

Over a snowy January weekend I was finally able to meet Baby Luca for his birth announcement photoshoot. We were lucky enough to have the talent of children's photographer (and my good friend of 15 years), Linda Farwell, come and document the event.  What came out of the day were some beautiful photos that really captured Luca, his big brother Enzo and his mom and dad. I also felt "recharged" and created 3 new designs using these photos! Which one will mommy and daddy choose? I'll find out soon! In the meantime, which one is your favorite? =)





Baby Announcement Designs

I haven't been thinking about promoting my baby announcements over the last few years, but with me being preggo and all, it's become something that is back on the front burner these days...or at least back on the stove!

Here are some designs that we've created for our clients over the years...Our Chinese and Western astrology series has been a hit. We incorporate photos along with blurbs about what it means to be born the "Year of the Tiger" or under the astrological sign "Pisces" etc...

We also have simpler designs that just focus on photos of the baby in a very simple grid design. We still manage to customize the look with color and design elements along with cultural (addition of Chinese names) as well.